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High Rise™ Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Key Features

·         Height adjustable sit-stand desk converter allows for correct ergonomic posture while working

·         Transforms any sit-down desk into either a sitting or standing desk

·         Gas spring system allows for smooth and stable height adjustment with a light squeeze of the levers

·         Modern gray and black desk workstation features a sleek wood construction


The DCX760 High Rise Height Adjustable Sit Stand Workstation is a simple solution to a common workplace problem: too much sitting. Studies show that sitting for prolonged periods of time is detrimental to your health. The DCX760 transforms any standard sit down desk into a sitting or standing desk. The workstation sits on top of your current desk or table and does not require clamping or attachment of any kind. Simply go from sitting to standing with an easy squeeze of the lever handles on each side of the work surface. Perfect for any environment, the DCX760 can be used in the home, professional office, or industrial work places. The large 36” wide by 23” deep desk surface is accompanied by a 35” wide and 14” deep keyboard tray. With 12 different height adjustments, the work surface height raises to 20.5”, providing an ergonomic working position for users of varied heights. Gas spring system allows for smooth and stable height adjustment. Sleek wood construction and durable, scratch-resistant laminate coating will provide years of use with a modern style. Please note that the monitor arm pictured with the DCX760 is NOT included, but available as an additional purchase.

·         Ergonomic Design

o   Transforms any sit down desk into a sitting OR standing desk

o   Raise and lower workstation by lightly squeezing the ergonomic levers

·         12 Different Height Adjustments

o   Work surface raises up to 20.5”

o   Keyboard tray raises up to 15.5”

·         Adjusts Straight Up and Down

o   Adjust the height of the work surface up without having to step away from the desk

o   Adjust the height of the work surface down without having to lean forward

·         Large Surface Area

o   Upper Work Surface: 36” wide x 23” deep

o   Keyboard Tray: 35” wide x 14” deep

·         Gas Spring Design

o   Easily raise or lower both the work surface with the help of gas struts

·         Sturdy Construction

o   Made from wood and durable laminate coating to provide years of use

·         Compact Footprint

o   22.6” frame depth easily fits on standard 24” deep cubicle

·         2 Keyboard Tray Slots

o   Holds mobile devices and writing instruments

·         Grommet Hole for Monitor Arm

o   Attach optional monitor arms without clamping them to the back of the workstation

·         Steel Base

o   Heavy steel base prevents tipping

Size (in.) - Work Surface at Maximum Height 36 x 23 x 20.5
Size (in.) - Keyboard Tray at Maximum Height 36 x 14 x 15.5
Weight (lbs.) 49
Color Gray and Black
Material Wood and Steel
Coating High Pressure Laminate
Repositionable Yes
Attachable Keyboard Tray Yes
Can Lower to Sitting Position Yes
Monitor Arm Available as Additional Purchase
Grommet Hole for Monitor Arms Yes
Amount of Assembly Light
Warranty 3 Year Limited


DCX760 Assembly Instructions.pdf

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