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Advanced Construction Calculator

Key Features
  • PERFECT FOR ON-SITE USE: Built-in diagonal, rafter and roofing equations are perfect when solving slope, rafter, and roof dimensions, irregular pitch, irregular jacks, and rake-wall.  
  • LOADED WITH USEFUL FUNCTIONS: Stairway construction functions such as risers, treads, stringer, incline angle, and stairwell openings. Including circular calculations such as arc length, area, circumference, angle, column and cone dimensions, and more.  
  • EASILY WORK IN AND CONVERT BETWEEN UNITS: Calculate equations using US Imperial Units such as yards, feet, inches, fractions, pounds, or by using the Metric System. Also includes area, volume, perimeter, and weight functions.  
  • AVOID MATERIAL WASTE: The C6000 accurately estimates building materials such as blocks, drywall, footing, concrete, and margin of waste to ensure none of these costly materials are wasted.  
  • HEAVY-DUTY & RELIABLE: Each unit includes a shock-resistant and spill-proof hard-cover protective case, an English and Spanish pocket reference guide, a full instruction manual with examples available as a PDF online, and a series of instructional videos. Batteries included.   
When working on construction projects, the ability to use and convert between dimensions like feet, inches, and pounds is a critical feature. The Victor C6000 allows you to do just that. The Advanced Construction Calculator features the ability to solve a variety of construction-related equations, calculate material estimates and costs, and display results in fractional or decimal forms. Includes a protective case, pocket reference guide, and full instructional manual with examples available as a PDF online, paired with a series of instructional videos.
  • Displays in Fractions or Decimals Works With Units of Measurement
  • US Dimensional Units
  • Metric Dimensional Units
  • Convert Between Dimensions
  • Area, Volume, and Perimeter Functions
  • Weight Calculations
  • Roof­ing Solutions
  • Rafter Solutions
  • Framing Solutions
  • Concrete Calculations
  • Complete Stair Layouts
  • Right-Angle Functions
  • Circular Calculations
  • Building Materials Estimate
  • Blocks
  • Drywall
  • Footing
  • Concrete
  • Margin of Waste
  • Cost Calculations
Size (in.) 6.5 x 3.5 . 0.8
Weight (oz.) 7.2
Warranty (yrs.) 2
Power Source Battery
Battery Type LR44 x 2
Number of Digits 8 Plus Fractions
Digit Size (mm) 8
Display Type LCD
Protective Case Yes
Pocket Guide English and Spanish